Tuesday 21 July 2009

Getting ready for Potfest

Its been a pretty non stop few weeks. I've been making like mad trying to catch up and get ahead for 'Potfest in the Park' this weekend. I don't quite know how I've done it, though some of this work was fast dried both outside and by rush packing into still- warm kilns. Last weekend was a mega slip decorating session. Here are some of the finished results, unpacked and ready to box up.

I had to get a batch of mountain bike mugs made - Potfest is on the edge of the Lake District after all and there may well be lots of bikish people there who will NEED one, (though they don't know that yet)!

Drying tiles outside in between the showers.
Spoons, spoons. The small oval dishes have spooons which go with them. These are bisc fired and being glazed. Small things are so FIDDLY!
....and in between, or rather as well, I had to fit in a deadline commission wedding plate. It is coming out of the kiln tomorrow, so fingers crossed as it took most of Saturday to glaze paint.

The big seat with the dogs is also coming out tomorrow. Talk about last minute!


  1. love the little biking fellas v. cool...

  2. Have fun, hopefully see you at some point over the weekend