Monday 31 May 2010

Spring Fling madness

Monday evening, Spring Fling 2010 is over and I am completely wasted! What a weekend, this was the busiest one we have ever had here. From 10.30am, no in fact well before 10.30 (the official opening time), we had a constant stream of visitors. Huge thanks to Chris my sister in law who came up for the weekend to help. I literally couldn't have done without her!

The idea was to get visitors to follow the arrows and come round the back, into the courtyard, through the back door of the workshop and encourage them to go out through the showroom.

Of course it didn't work like that and visitors arrived through every door, at the same time. Chris stood in the showroom welcoming people, while I manned the workshop and yard offering explanations, coffee and flapjack. The sandwiches and tea which we were brought were left uneaten and went cold, it was quite mad.

It was all worth that panic and burning the midnight oil last week though. Friday's kiln of finished pots looked good, and the courtyard was very happy with pansies in City Link and the ceramic seats in the sun, at least sun on the second two days. It really made my day today to see some people sitting in them having their coffee.

I took very few photos of the eagle seat, there was no chance with it only out of the kiln on Friday morning, but he did his duty manning the back door. It was definitely worth putting him back in the kiln for another coat of glaze as he looks much smarter now.

To my amazement within the first hour on Saturday morning someone bought him! Of course I was delighted and amazed, but also rather dismayed, as he simply hasn't been around long enough for me to think about him and get to the state where I am happy to let him go. However they were very nice people and were in no hurry to go off with him there and then, so I do have time to make a good photographic record.

I had some really very nice 'Spring Flingers', all interested and interesting, and so appreciative. It is all very rewarding, but now I am off to have a LONG sleep, I hope, and dream...

of Harpies perhaps. (This one is a benign chimera. I blame Rodger for that...)


  1. Glad to hear you had a great Spring Fling! And sold the Eagle too. Way to go.

  2. The pansy pots look wonderful! And the chimera, and of course the eagle.

    Looks like I'll have to come up in a hurry to see it, though!


    Glad all went well! Looks like you had lovely weather.

  3. Hey Christine.....sorry I didn't get down to you....all looked stunning. So glad you had a brilliant weekend. I had a lovely time out all weekend and ready hopefully to be back next year!
    Amanda x

  4. Glad to hear you had a busy time Christine. I'm not at all surprised that you sold the Eagle.

    We had non stop visitors too, our busiest Spring Fling weekend ever.

    Good to know that art is thriving in these times!

  5. hey what a crazy one.. congrats on the sales..

  6. Love all your stuff ...and those seats and planters are wonderful.

  7. Congratulations on a great weekend. Lovely to see the large work. Fabulous. Lots of love, Helen.X