Thursday 14 April 2011

A Motley Crew

Last month I made some 'Coleridge' candle holders. Though reasonably happy with a couple of them the finish on the others was pretty disappointing. I was really getting into the theme, so I have been enjoying making some mark two versions.

Using an extruded section as the boat form, the ends are filled with sailors, all based on the narrative of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

I have taken some time to make several test heads. They have all been coloured in different ways and I will test fire them before embarking on colouring the real ones. I really need their expressions to show this time, as the first ones were way too dark. I have used about three different layers of thin slip, dabbed on and then rubbed in with a dry brush, with some oxides later.

Here is the Motley Crew drying in the sun. I had to give them all names so as to identify which is coloured with what. The phone book threw up a few good ones.

Post script is that they came out of the test kiln tonight and I have some beauties. (Charlie Beaver, Ramsey Stitt, Horace Kidd......). Tomorrow I'll get the bigger pieces coloured, yippee.


  1. As they say, working with clay is hard work, but should also be fun!

  2. Love the "Motley Crew" and am glad that some beauties have come out of the kiln. "Arr Jimlad, shiver me timbers, trim the top gallant,and put a reef in the main!" (sorry, I can almost hear the motley crew speak, what fun!).

    The long dishes or platters that you show on the post before, made from throwing a bottomless pot look great. I like the "clayiness" of the clay in them too there is a lovely tactile quality to them.

    Must dash now. P :)

  3. Very,very nice!!It is indeed a pleasure to look for inspiration around the world, in all those blogs out there-your work is absolute faboulus!
    Greetinga from Norway,Tone

  4. Je, je. Marvellous! Congratulations.

  5. These are wonderful Christine. I love the figures and can't wait to see them finished. Glad you had good test results. Cool names too.