Monday 30 May 2011

A dead clam in a box

Well, that's Spring Fling 2011 Open Studios over for this year. Phew! The windows have never been so clean, and the workshop so free of spiders since....this time last year!

It is a wonderful event, and thank you to all the hard working Spring Fling committee who put in so much time and effort. Over the three days I pretty much had a continual stream of visitors coming through. Indeed there were moments when so many arrived at once I really rather wanted to hide.

I met some of the most delightful people, but used to a quiet space mainly on my own and wanting to do everyone's interest justice I find it quite exhausting.

Thank you to all the kind and appreciative people who made the trip here. Please come back again when I have recovered!

Tomorrow the spiders can return and the workshop will soon go back to it's ordered muddle.

My nephew Patrick, was around four years old when he was taken to Australia where he had to meet hoards of Australian relatives. After being the centre of attention for the day, he told his Mother that he wished he was a clam, no, he wished he was a 'dead clam', indeed, he wished he was a 'dead clam in a box'. I remembered his words this evening.

I'll crawl out again tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful work,it was great reading through your blog, I've been looking at blogs while I get through a bad cold.

  2. oh well done!!! happy recovery mode then ;))

  3. I love Patrick's comment! My mind of course was visualizing the gathering of Australian relatives, and I suddenly thought of a very funny Australian film, "The Castle"... Have you seen it in your part of the world? Here is a link to a short clip of it that is on youtube,

    The film is well worth a look, and it might help in your recovery from the Spring Fling exhaustion! Your place looks lovely, by-the-way.