Thursday 22 March 2012

More Throwing

Having finished a load of slip decorating, I went straight into more throwing this week.

I was enjoying revisiting the thrown oval. A wide bottomless dish, manipulated when still pliable and pressed onto a slabbed base. The rolled rim gave it a sturdy edge which lent support to the sides, preventing them from being too floppy. I did need an extra pair of hands to lift it off it's board and onto the slab safely.

Tomorrow's delight will be to add some handles and possibly feet.

An order for a teapot prompted me to get some thrown. Although I love making teapots, I make them only rarely on account of them taking so long. The throwing of these went very smoothly and satisfyingly the lids plopped home perfectly first time. Years ago I remember asking Mick Arnup how he got his lids to fit so beautifully. He just smiled and said one word, (with perhaps a note of pity in his voice, or maybe I'm inventing that bit), 'Calipers'! It's just taken me ages to be able to use them properly.

Freshly thrown pasta dishes which were slipped this afternoon.

So I have lots on the go, thrown pots are covering every shelf and table.

I have put my boats on one side for the time being. I don't want to rush the glazing of them and I will enjoy thinking about them more when I feel I have a good couple of kiln loads of slipped pots under my belt.

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  1. We are living twin lives at the moment! I just put glaze liner in a bunch of oval-ish baking dishes.