Sunday 26 June 2011

Row, Row Row the Boat

I'm getting there. Spending way too long on this piece, totally absorbed, but a couple more days should do it. Well, for the time being anyway.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

An idea takes shape

There has been a lull in creativity since Spring Fling. That isn't to say that I have been sitting about twiddling my thumbs. It is more that I haven't been feeling that inspired or enthusiastic about what I have been making. The two teacher's plates are being glazed fired tonight, but I had a such a tight deadline in which to make them they had become more of a worry than a joy.

Then the tile panel which I thought I had in the bag turned out hopelessly the wrong size...don't ask! Ok then, do, but it's boring.
Anyway, they rattled about within the perfectly fitting border, so I have been re-making them. Aaargh!

I was becoming allergic to my lovely workshop and by last week I thought I would go mad if I trailed one more oystercatcher.

Something had to be done!

So I started the project which had been swimming around somewhere at the back of my head for sometime. I knew that once underway I would get hopelessly carried away, so I had been putting it off until I felt that I had cleared enough of my other deadlines first.

But at last, I got the new die cut out and have made a start.

The first attempt split as it firmed up and I could see that there was a stress line being formed even as it was coming through the die. We mushed up several attempts and an extra centre ridge has sorted out the problem.

The straight length worked fine but I wanted to curve the end. So we made a ski run out of thin ply on which to 'birth' the shape.

The hull is coming together now.

and the prow...

and a bed of ripply sea,

and a boat full of sailors. Arms on tomorrow.

It seems fitting that here I am boat building as outside the rain has been pouring down. On Saturday evening I dashed into Dumfries to take part in the Guid Nychburris (Good neighbours) parade with the Samba Sisters. Miraculously just before the floats set off the rain stopped, and the town came out to enjoyed the procession umbrella free.