Wednesday 1 August 2012

The Pilgrimage to Potfest in the Park

 Potfest in the Park was once again a really enjoyable show. We are so well looked after by the Cox's, who seem super human in their organisational abilities. Considering the summer we are having the weather wasn't too bad really, well actually, it was pretty cold, but then again I did bring July clothes instead of January ones. Silly mistake.... ! Despite weather and the Olympics the visitors faithfully turned out making it a successful show.

The piece I made for the Potfest competition was 'Terracotta Tours'. The theme this year was 'A Journey or Pilgrimage'. It is a great excuse to have some fun and as usual I got a bit carried away. But I was not the only one, there were some really good and imaginative entries. 'T T' was honoured with the Public Prize, possibly due to the number of children who were loving following it's route. 

I was pushing it to get it finished in time, and as a result the road sections cracked horribly, hence the need to throw a handful of traffic cones to warn of the hazards. The bus itself was steam drying in a cooling kiln for 12 hours over the weekend before the show. It is a miracle it survived really!

Here is a lovely picture of my friend from Corsham days, Sue Dunne whose good company I had this year, the first time she has come to The Park, and her stall looked great. 

I was trying very hard not to be tempted by some of the delicious pots around, but I did succumb to one of Guy Routledge's face plates. They were on the opposite side of the courtyard of marquees and talked to me all weekend.

The only mishap of the weekend was Rodger getting his finger trapped in the car door. Pretty painful and not great for packing up. Ouch!