Tuesday 26 July 2016

Pots for Potfest in the Park

That’s the last glaze kiln, just unpacked this evening with pots for Potfest in the Park on Friday. What a manic few weeks it's been but I'm feeling good now.

Mind you I wouldn’t mind waving a magic wand over the packing and setting up still ahead, but then looking forward to being there and catching up with friends and colleagues and seeing all the other great work on show,

I'm hoping to be showing some of my new extruded frame pictures at Potfest, we are just trying to work out a safe hanging system which will be secure enough on our tad flimsy back panels. Rodger managed to take some good photos yesterday, he was enjoying the detailed shots. 

Tomorrow's going to be a pretty busy day getting this lot safely packed up.

There has been a record number of kiln firings over the last fortnight, with a ridiculously fast turn around of biscuit and glaze. How I manage to leave this until last minute every time is beyond me but it was the point when I realised that time was such that it was not actually possible that I panicked.

On this occasion I had to ask very nicely for some help, and Rodger ended up waxing some of the bases for me, then continued to pack the kiln as I glazed. 

Now I just have this lot to sort through, it's all looking good though, so I am quite pleased and feeling much more confident that my stand should look good.

Oh... and I haven't mentioned that 'competition' piece yet. The theme this year is 'Flight of Fancy/ Bird Bath'. Yes, well I have something for it, only just. It came out of the kiln on Sunday night, and in one piece. I would have liked to have had more time for it but hey ho! It's always great to see what everyone comes up with.