Monday 9 March 2015

New work for March

I have at last got some completely new work underway. It has been difficult to get a good run on these new ideas. But having made a start it is easier to come back to them whenever I have a minute. 

I wanted to make some three dimensional pictures. The frame is made from extruded square sections.

The waves were extruded and the dinghy was thrown, as was the dog. 

I wasn’t at all sure how these would go. indeed having made the frame it was initially quite daunting to make a start. Like a blank clean page in a sketch book where the first line feels like a sacrilege, the first score and slipping of the rather too beautifully made frames felt a bit scary.

However having got over the first hurdle I am actually quite pleased with the way they are going. Next challenge will be getting the finish right.

Meanwhile Rodger managed to make an adaptor so that I can use some of the old dies cut for the pugmill expansion box in the new hydraulic extruder.

What a change from endlessly feeding the pugmill hopper and coaxing it to deliver. This beast takes a couple of sacks and once it is set up pushes the clay through so fast we are actually going to have to try and slow it down.

The tables are now covered with lots of flat plate lengths waiting to be ready to worked on. No point in making only one.