Sunday 28 September 2014

Order complete

The plate order is complete and they are now winging their way to No 16 Restaurant in Glasgow's Byers Road.

The brief was a small creature in each.

Some small creatures were more complicated to trail than others.

Some were from designs already tested, but in different colours.

And some were quite unwelcome in Galloway.

Thursday 11 September 2014

Cardboard and Cake

 Last Friday the workshop turned into a seagull making factory!

What a great time you can have with cardboard, coat hangers and paint.

All in aid of the ceilidh at the weekend.

My friend Jolanda and I decided we should organise a joint ceilidh to celebrate both our birthdays. Everyone brought a dish and the food was Galloway's finest with a special mention to Annette's chocolate ganache cake and strawberry cake which were fit for a queen! Thanks so much to 'The Other Band' for the great music and dances. 

What a joy to share the evening with so many lovely people!

I have here to mention the SURPRISE CAKE! Anyone who follows this blog will recognise the boat and gannet theme. This time Jolanda is on the bow and your truly is at the oars! Thank you dear Jools for this incredible surprise! 

Potter friend Sue Dunne and Tim played us a tune and Donald Adamson read us a witty and apt poem (with the Scottish referendum looming), entitled 'Sitting on the Fence'!

All on the kindest September evening that Scotland can offer.

Friday 5 September 2014

My creature found a friend!

My Creature has found a friend!

I have to say that turning is probably my least favourite thing and I had to make a neat job of fifty of these plates because they are for a restaurant and need to be stacked. It is rewarding when the job is completed though!

It's that time of year again - the Dalbeattie Hardrock Challenge (run and mountain biking race) is coming up.  It is a different shape of mug and another colour this year but the images trailed are similar to before.

This couple of fairly substantial orders seems to have taken care of the last few weeks and now I find it hard to believe we are in September!