Monday 26 August 2013

Heat and Light

Here are are very old friends indeed - warming their tootsies by the barbeque. They are two of the smaller 'Russian doll' stacking knights which I made at college, and who still patrol the garden.

Rodger has been busy. We have truly brilliant workshop, in terms of space. The one thing I notice and probably because my eyes are getting past their prime, is how dark it can be. There are definite areas which always have to be illuminated by overhead lights. I have for a long time harped on about how a 'Velux' roof light would help, but now these much less expensive solar light tubes have come onto the market.

Rodger ordered a couple to try and has  taken on the installation. The utube video suggests that this can be done in two hours. That is if they are going into a flat felted roof.

But hey, a solid weekend and we have (at least one ) light!

Taken by the camera pointing straight up it looks like the moon.

And here as though I have forgotten to switch off the lights.  I am impressed!