Monday 22 December 2014

Ripen at home

Best wishes to you all on this, the first day after the shortest one of the year. With this thick blanket of cloud it may not feel like it, but we know we have turned the corner, and that is good enough for me. 

Was it really Corsock Craft Fair at the beginning of this month, and if so where has December gone? It is a great fair, something quite special in rural Galloway, and packed as usual, an extraordinarily jolly mixture of friends, cake and sales. Here are a few stands, my own one, Hannah McAndrew's, Jo Gallant's cushions and Tom Iglehar'ts glass. These were taken just before the crowds arrived, after which I had no time left for any more photos. More images on the Corsock Craft Fair Facebook page here.

Since then it has been a busy few weeks of both making and finishing off orders, followed by a lot of last minute wrapping, parcelling up and posting. This is also where I realise that the website actually works which means that the next job is definitely web updates, long overdue.

Negotiating the mine field which is the Royal Mail parcel service, the price now dependent on dimensions as well as weight is not much fun. I joked with the postie that I would have to make flat mugs! No wonder independent carriers are doing so well.

Just occasionally I actually decide to keep one of my own pots, and this is a dish which has been in the showroom for too long. I have always rather liked it myself but no one has ever wanted to buy it. I found that it just fits perfectly on the window sill for 'Ripen at Home' avocados and seemed to be perfect colours for them. I am quite encouraged to make some more, and perhaps even display them with wooden avocados. Sometimes people just need a little help to envisage.

Meanwhile Timbalada has moved into the old 'ripen at home' receptacle and here she is enjoying being ripened by winter sun.

Happy Solstice.