Monday 30 November 2015

G is for gannets G is for Glazing

The square plates with gannets were slipped and scored and are now drying out slowly so that they don't warp, though it's been so wet recently there isn't much chance of them drying too fast or unevenly.

Meanwhile the gannet candle holders are slipped and are now bisc fired.

It's amazing just how much the kiln holds when crammed full of the smaller pots. (As oppose to one seat or long dishes).

It was a wet and windy weekend so perfect for battening down the hatches and having a mega glaze session.

Even if it did go on for ever - but with some good music and recordings to listen to, it was dipping, wiping and sometimes even singing along. The glaze kiln was eventually packed and switched on a bit later than hoped, but I got there.

It's still firing -  must go and check those cones!

Monday 16 November 2015

Work in progress

I was recently asked to make a commemorative plate featuring badgers, and in doing the research and drawings I rather got into them. Having chosen the design which I used for the plate, I wanted try some of the others. Above are some new badger bowls, (slipped but not yet fired).


I know I have been putting gannets on things for ages, but the three gannets flying alongside the boat on the way to Orkney had to appear in a new design of their own.


I am not sure about the flying gannet stopper yet, but I will see what I think when it is fired and finished. (Again here it is slipped but not yet fired).

This army of jugs is slipped and over sprayed, still waiting to be trailed,

                              with handles half extruded and half pulled.

I also seem to have accumulated quite a lot of individual Christmas orders which have now jumped to top of the making queue. One of which is for a square plate (incidentally with a gannet on it).  It was good to put my wonderful ex Glasgow school of Art slab roller to use again and fill some press moulds.

It's been a long time without a post, as it felt like there have been no 'outstanding' happenings in the pottery. I have been making a lot of thrown slipware over the last few months, probably more than usual in one go, because I keep thinking that if I get ahead with stock for the gallery, it will then allow me time to get down to some great new project. But when I turn round my stock of slipware has mysteriously vanished.

I know I can't complain, it is great to be selling, but I am actually dying to get my teeth into some of the new ideas knocking at the door in my head.  Still, early in the new year is always a good time for that.