Monday 15 May 2017

Glazing and Glazed

This batch of tall jars and vases was constructed and bisc fired before I went away to Nepal in March, so though initially a struggle to tune back in to them, they are back underway now. At last just about ready for the glaze kilns. 

Which colour where, and should I test again?

Unfortunately I managed to melt the main the fuse box, not once but twice, so there has been a bit of a kiln traffic jam.  Lucky I didn't burn the whole pottery down. Isolator switch wasn't isolating.....

There are going to be few kiln firings over the next fortnight, with Dumfries and Galloway's brilliant Spring Fling Open studios  event round the corner in under two weeks time, 27th - 29th May

I returned to another order for plates for No 16 Restaurant Byers Road. Another glaze dipping feast. I was really hoping to concentrate on new work for Spring Fling, but hopefully I will have managed to complete both - just about in time. 

 Meanwhile a few more individual orders have been completed. Thanks for your patience everyone.

Wendy Kershaw
 is once again sharing my studio over Spring Fling. Renowned for her beautiful porcelain picures, this year there will be more surprises. I for one am looking forward to seeing her new work.