Tuesday 11 November 2008

Too many small tubs

Three dishes with variations of this design came out of the last kiln. This one was the nicest as the brown earth in the middle glowed- it was just a lighter tone from being higher (cooler) in the kiln. I'll adjust the oxides in the slip so that I can be assured of repeating this colour. This is how I end up with litearlly dozens of small pots of coloured slips, it's a nightmare. Then I read Ron's blog on deliberate restraints...if only I could be so disciplined. ( I dare not even mention the shelf loads of small tubs of glazes)!


  1. Christine,
    I love this pot. Great design and the colors are wonderful. I love the orange beaks and feet.

  2. i really like the way you finish the pieces with the edges, it's a statement all on its own..