Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bird Throne, Snake Seat and Oryx Stool

We took some shots on Sunday of the black seats. I think I am pretty happy with them generally. Of course I can see loads of ways in which they could be improved,the main lesson is that they really don't need over elaborate decoration - they are such bold objects anyway. I think the amount on this Bird throne is about right.
On the other hand the top of this one is a bit too much. It is actually greatly improved since Rodger ground down the way-too-thick green glaze, and I refired it. It had looked as though someone had put a cushion on top of the seat. At least it is more part of it now.

This is the three tier one - by far the most complicated contsruction and more successful as an object than as a seat but for the record, it does work!
It's been a glorious three days weather wise, but I had so much slip decorating to do I have been rather up to my ears inside, catching everything before they dried out. Now that I have finished and I DO want things to dry....guess what, it's started to rain!