Thursday 28 May 2009

Spring Fling Open Studios

By the time Spring Fling weekend arrived I was already pretty exhausted from the weeks build up! All ready to go with the courtyard swept and pots arranged, the gallery dusted and polished, the windows, ( and I am especially proud of the windows), cleaned inside and out, and the display of pots re-arranged with new pieces from the week's kilns.

10.30am (or earlier, in fact before the official opening time) the cars started to arrive. Quick panic, (oh how will I cope), and off we went. Once it is underway it is easier and I am too busy to be shy. I met some very nice people indeed who were interested and enthusiastic about the new work. Most were on a mission to visit many of the other studios, some were old friends and customers and a a few were just passer-bys who stumbled in
(and one or two stumbled out again none the wiser, as they were really looking for a tea room or other sort of happening).

Some extra feline help arriving. In fact I DID have a lot of help, so thanks to Rodger, for charming everyone, Inigo and Allie for helping with extruding demos and explanations, my brother Philip for providing us with sandwiches and tea, my sister in law Chris who did a quick course in wrapping up pots, and my Dad for coming over to join in the fun and giving his support.

...But commiserations to Angus, the official Spring Fling photographer, who after nearly an hour of work had his bag run over in the car park!
Can't think what was being explained here, or maybe I was trying hypnosis?
Queues making me nervous.
I must have lost my voice by this time, certainly nearly lost in the crowd here.

All over now and the workshop is once again my quiet oasis. However with it being half term the gallery has carried on being very busy, with late 'Spring Flingers' and other visitors. All in all quite a week.

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  1. oh nuts...!! who put those cars in the car park.....?
    looks like an extremely busy wkd hope you did well..