Monday 9 November 2009


It’s good to be home, and a couple of characters were just delighted to have me back!

I don't think that I have been away from the pottery for so long in years - a whole 17 days. It has been an anxious and strange time, living in a hospital room and being companion, moral support, clothes washer, errand fetcher and telephone reporter. I have never felt so tired doing what felt like nothing really! I got back last week, (leaving Rodger frail but progressing in the right direction), and spent Friday catching up - mail, getting a swine flu jab, having a temporary filling put in my broken tooth and replying to a host of telephone answer messages.

I have become the owner of a very handsome apple laptop computer - a present from my exceedingly kind sister and brother who wanted to DO something to help! I have never had my OWN computer before, the home one is a 'family' computer and somehow very much Rodger's. I actually think that I may even become a little more literate and less afraid of them as this is just MINE to play with or break, or whatever. As a result of my new toy I did do a bit of photo sorting while I was away and I got some new images onto the web site - long overdue.

It is disappointing that though I made a lot of new work this year, I don't appear to have a particularly good record of much of it. My photographer in chief has been ill, and our lad's bedroom turned 'photographic studio’ is back in use as his bedroom/office again.

This is one of the 'studio' shots which Rodger did manage to take of the bird seat. Lark Books have just written and invited me to send some images for a new publication ‘animal inspired pottery’. I’ll have to work out what to do for that one as it would be nice to send something.

I’ll be up and down to Glasgow every two or three days over the next few weeks but I did try and get into the workshop today. It was SO COLD from lack of heating, the old granite walls take a lot to warm up again. I got a biscuit kiln packed and it's on tonight so tomorrow should be cheerier and more tempting. There are still some unfinished pots lurking in the damp cupboard, I’ll get them out tomorrow and try to remember where I was going.


  1. Nice to have you home (at your blog-home!)

  2. Just been reading through all of Rodger's transplant blog, as well as catching up with your latest post. You two are going through such a lot that any words that I write seem so inadequate. I do send you what words of kindness I can. I wish I was able to light a fire for you to warm your cold studio and fire a bisque for you. It would be so nice to be able to do something practical to help.

    Nice to see your cat photos, as you know, we are besotted with a certain Ginger cat who inhabits our studio, makes us laugh, gives us love, and wakes us at horrible hours of the morning!

    I do hope you are able to send some photos to Lark Books, your lovely seats and other sculptural work really should be seen by a much bigger audience. I do so much like the look of that black clay with the slip decoration.

    Good news that you have your own computer, I must organize that Laura has one that she can call her own (good for her confidence).

    Best Wishes to you and to Rodger from Peter, Laura, and Ginger

  3. oh hey welcome home, happ mac'ing and hope rodg is home soon too..

  4. Thanks for your kind thoughts, Peter. It is all a lot to juggle both emotionally, physically and practically but we have had a huge amount of support from dear friends and family. Quite overwhelmimg. When Rodger first had the idea of a blog diary I was a bit unsure, I thought it would be too much pressure, but it has been a really good way of helping him to feel less isolated, look at things from outside of himself and keep everyone up to date.

    I always LOVE your puss pictures, what a cat!

    I highly recommend Laura has her own computer. In a 'male'household here they have always felt like 'boys toys'. Now I have my own I keep stroking it and looking at it in disbelief. Do I REALLY own such an object of sleek modernity!

    Don't worry, the workshop is cosy again today, I knew that a good old firing would thaw those cold granite blocks. It is 'tuning in' and 'staying tuned in' that is difficult!