Wednesday 6 January 2010

Snow - both Distracting and Inspirational

The temperature on the workshop thermometer read 8 degrees c this morning, just NOT that tempting a prospect in which to make that planned early start and knead up icy clay! Instead I got myself warm by shovelling snow paths around the the place, and when Rodger needed his medicinal walk I decided that such a glorious snowy scene was a rare treat and not to be missed.

Snow brings out such splendid patterns, our roof already an inspiration and heading mentally towards an undulating something or other.

What is it about making the first tracks - it just feels great.

The camera couldn't cope with the bright snow, but these deer tracks are worthy of the most skilled slip comber. I just stared at them in admiration. Shortly afterwards we caught a wonderful view of a fox, cat like he studied us for a while, then sat and carefully curled his tail over his paws. After a while he sat bolt upright and pounced - on something.

By the afternoon the temperature in the workshop had reached a heady 10 degrees, warm enough for some action. I kneaded a pile of balls to throw and then made the mistake of shoving my hands in hot water - ouch, the pain! Fed up with that lark I resorted to making a nice little aluminium die for a new mini dish. Small enough to extrude using the big blue, so I should be able to bend it in horizontal wiggles as it comes out, or perhaps those pan tile patterns may appear in some way....Hurrah, I have made a start!


  1. your'e all such tuff bunnies over there i have a lil heater in my studio that i sit virtually on top of in the winter and a mini evap cooler for the summer thats ok til it hits 40C... just call me weak!!

  2. Hurrah on the start..cold or not!:) getting back 'in the groove' is a good thing.
    Love the photos of 'your' snow..the roof is beautiful..
    Cheers, Trish from Alberta --chilly here too! ;)

  3. Lovely snow photos. Interesting about the fox curling his tail over his paws, they do seem catlike don't they?

    We're actually quite cold here today considering it is mid summer, my studio thermometer was 12 or 13 (depending on level of optimism) when I last looked. It is hard going when things get below 10. Trouble with throwing on the wheel is that one does need the sleeves rolled up. Sorry to hear that you had missed out on Earth and Fire..., I can't understand that, but glad you're in the Potfest so no worms to eat. I understand that worms are rather lacking in flavour, but are a useful source of protein, but I prefer potatoes myself!
    Happy New Year to you both,

    Peter, Laura,and Ginger

  4. Hmm, perhaps a dish with the fox on it?! I just caught a glimpse of fox tail passing through next door's garden in the snow.

    Yes there is something about walking through 'virgin' snow. I hope the distractions are inspirational - then you could come up with all kinds of wonderful things.