Monday 3 May 2010

Garden of Cosmic Speculation

One day a year the Garden of Cosmic Speculation is open to the public. This year I actually remembered in time and alerted other members of my family who came from far and wide to join me there. The place is a visual feast and everywhere I turned brought new wonders. Why, there was even a giant undulating landform constructed from turf and gravel which looked remarkably like the wiggly dish which I had been working on last week....!

There are plenty of websites with wonderful pictures of Charles Jencks extrardinary creations, but here are a few of my own.

It was my brother's birthday, and how I wished that I had brought a candle to stick on the top.

Now how about this for a seat.

After the Cosmic Garden, My 'large scale' pieces have shrunk to insignificance!


  1. oh its all amazing! where's the garden will check it out on google earth!! ha hope the images are up to date... whatcha talking about your pieces are amazing..!

  2. Thanks for the post! This garden is amazing... I found great pictures of the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Art Days, here is the link! Enjoy! :)