Sunday 20 June 2010

This one is strange

Got the top on my table on Friday. Hmm, making the top separately may not have been such a great idea, as it looks a little strange. Fish associations may have turned into more anvil/ ironing board, but we shall see. There is an eccentricity and a certain elegance which I quite like but I am not sure that the construction is controlling me rather than me the construction!

With this scale I had to have everything pretty firm before the assembly stage, and beyond the point of no return as far as altering things. Still, I do have a second one, (oh yes) under wraps so I will take the lesson on board and hope to improve.

I had to use my RSJ template again to secure the legs. I never thought of myself as an engineer - indeed an engineer I am most definitely not, Allie and I were discussing the intuitive and the planned as making approaches. I would have to call this structure 'intuitive engineering', the concept of which is possibly a bit of an oxymoron.
Nothing engineering about the latest dreadlocks. French knitting and quite addictive it is too.

Samba Sisters had a float at Kelloholm gala on Saturday. We wound round all the little back streets scaring several dogs, but being rewarded by a sea of smiling faces of all ages.

Meat pies, unidentifiable flat sandwiches, coloured cakes and fizz laid on for the performers, brilliant stuff!


  1. i like!! if you rotate it , it looks like a manga cartoon character with a centre part...or maybe dora the explora...nice

  2. You are doing a fantastic job to get everything to stick together and dry properly without cracking somewhere. It must be quite a challenge working on that scale. As always, very inspirational to see what you are up to.

    I remember reading about Peter Voulkos and Paul Soldner working away at the Los Angeles Country Art Institute, and spurring one another on to tackle bigger and more challenging pieces. It is terrific when the "impossible" is overcome and new mountains are scaled. I like the undulating middle column of the table, and the powerful curves of the four legs. It will be most interesting to see how all this develops!

    Love the Dreads..,

    Best Wishes, P.

  3. Me again! I stumbled upon an interesting site on the internet when I was writing my earlier comment to you, and I was checking how to spell Voulkos. "Longhouse", I know nothing about the place but I thought how wonderful your work would be there as part of an exhibition. No doubt a "totally off the wall" thought, but...., you never know!

    If you scroll down their page to the 2004 exhibitions, there is one called BENCHmark that would have been wonderful for you!

    In 2003 they had a Peter Voulkos exhibit, that looked amazing.


  4. Thanks Peter, I had a look at the Longhouse, I had never heard of it either. Wow, very honoured that you should consider my work fit for such an artistically prestigious looking environment! (Dream on....) Quite a place. Help, I could spend all evening on that site - I've just done a 'virtual tour', drooled over the current exhibition of African pots and had a look at the 2003 Voulkos exhibit - impressive and inspiring indeed. Thanks for the link!