Sunday 3 July 2011

Wendy House Spray Booth extension

It was Wednesday before I was ready to get some slips onto my finished boat sections. But they were too big to fit in the (dish washer casing) spray booth and I would need to take them outside. The weather teased me, every time I thought I had a slot the blue sky disappeared and a ridiculously heavy shower chased me inside again. But Mr Fixit Rodger came to the rescue.

It can be hard living with a 'never throw anything out' person, but I regularly have to eat my hat, because he appeared with an old Wendy house frame with which he made up a spray booth extension. It not only worked perfectly but with the high ceilings it can be hoisted up and down on pulleys.

Actually, a copy of Jim Robison and Ian Marsh's book on slab built ceramics had arrived that morning. Rodger was looking through it over coffee and spotted a photograph of Jim spraying in a sort of plastic sheet extension which gave him the idea. Good timing indeed. Thanks Jim and Ian.

Yet more equipment from Glasgow School of Art. We collected this beast of a slab roller on Tuesday. What a monster.

Quite excited about the huge studio rearrangement which is going to happen sometime late summer, and the potential of this new bit of kit.


  1. looking absolutely awesome some pieces are just worth the time!! and love it having gadget guys around is so handy!!!

  2. I love your work, I love your blog, and one day I hope to get to see your work in person. Also, glad that your husband is doing so well, and that he is your great Mr. Fixit! Thank you for such an inspirational blog!
    Connie Norman

  3. Was lovely to meet you at last and the spray booth has given me inspiration to get mine up and running with extension of course..when I get home.thanks for the time you so generously gave.