Wednesday 31 August 2011

Flying Cats and Sunsets

I made a couple of these dishes earlier this summer. Inspired by a Utube video of a leaping cat in slow motion, I decided that my creatures needed a bit more movement. It was a revelation to be able to freeze frame the video to do some drawings. When can you ever get your own cat to hold such a posture.

This teapot seemed to be asking for another 'flying' cat. Of course a few liberties have to be taken with the drawing, but it has helped me to get into a looser way of fitting the creature with the form.

These are slip decorated and waiting for a bisc firing.

I'm quite into tails at the moment.

Lemurs tails can become quite abstract.

Meanwhile The HUGE ruthless clear out has begun. So many plaster moulds from 30 years ago, high on a top I really going to go BACKwards when I am always looking for NEW challenges? NO, of course not, but oh so hard to throw them away. This weeks dustbin has reached capacity, with lots more to be added next week. The space on the shelves is wonderful.

Hurricanes and earthquakes in the USA, while the sky in S W Scotland was on fire.


  1. videos are useful! Love the leaping cat

  2. I love the teapots Christine. Lovely drawings.
    Z x