Friday 18 November 2011

Meet 'The Captain'

It’s been ages since I’ve written anything on this blog. Time has raced by but lots has been happening.

Meet the Captain. Rodger has been working wonders getting the new pugmill all wired up and connected to a starter motor. We held our breaths somewhat, (what if it didn't work)? Since collecting it from Glasgow school of Art it has been stored in the garage patiently waiting. What a happy purr it made when we switched it on - a hungry beast waiting to eat clay. Next step is to get a curved expansion box made up. I have only seen a picture of a vertical pugmill being used as an extruder so there will be lots still to work out.

Alongside the Captain is the newly aquired wide slab roller. It took a wee bit of adjusting. It was made by someone at Glasgow scool of Art and has it’s own peculiarities, but it worked beautifully once we got the hang of the adjustments. I have laid up several press-mould dishes today, one of which was always a beast to get a slab big enough for. This time I had extra to trim off.

You may notice how clean the floor still looks, I expect I will eventually tire of sweeping up but it is so easy I am still a little workshop house proud.

I’ve been having fun making some volcanos with explosion spoons for the Scottish Potters Exhibition, entitled 'Fire and Earth'. Since most of my recent work seems to have been somewhat water based in theme, I decided I had better embark on a group specifically for this title.

They have sprayed slips on the outside and dribbled white over the edge which I coloured with a honey glaze.

The show opens tomorrow At Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries. I may even get along and meet some SPA members. It will certainly be interesting to see the other work.

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