Sunday 29 April 2012

Glazing, glazing

It seems ages since I have had a glaze firing. I have been making, making, making and letting the biscuit pots pile up. But at last, I have one or two finished pots.


I was rather enjoying using a new bright base colour and seeing where it lead. Seemingly to hot far off places where elephants and giraffes roam.


These pots came out of the small top loader kiln today. The big kiln is out of bounds until the electrician's visit. There were ominous goings-on during the last biscuit firing with an element seemingly not switching off and on as it should, resulting in a shelf of very over fired biscuit pots. I had to thicken up the glaze with calcium chloride to get it on the effected pots, what a pain that was!

Glazing, glazing all week. I did begin to think that I had overdone it, whenever I turned round I found another shelf waiting.

But its all stacked up ready to go. Next week I'll get down to glazing the boats, patiently waiting in the wings.

The next 'big' event in my calender is 'Spring Fling'. To help fund this amazing Open Studio event interested followers are invited to donate a small amount and become a 'Friend of Spring Fling'. One of the incentives is for the studios involved to offer some sort of reward, the suggestion being to give some sort of discount on sales. I have never been a fan of discounts, as it seems to me that they send out a dubious signal. So clever me, what did I decide to do instead? - Offer a 'Spring Fling Penguin' with every pot sold to a 'Friend of Spring Fling'. Oh oh - it would have been MUCH easier to have swallowed my principles and gone for the discount option.

I could so easily imagine suddenly remembering the night before Spring Fling that I had forgotten to make the penguins, I thought that I had better get ahead. So here are the first three rows of the Spring Fling Penguin army! 

Meanwhile, the HUGE new expansion box, for the HUGE vertical pugmill is taking shape. Soon to become reality. Will it work?


  1. A Spring Fling Penguin will be far better than a discount!

  2. What a great idea! I want a penguin........... I love your 'African' themed pots Christine

  3. Beautiful work! Such nice decoration! Hope your kiln is ok!