Tuesday 1 January 2013

Quite a Christmas - Roll on 2013

Roll on 2013!

The pots which came out of the kiln just before Christmas were abandoned and are still scattered untidily across the workshop. I have hardly looked at them, save for wrapping up the orders. The cellist is still lying on the floor playing to herself with no one to listen to her.

Yes, its all been a bit fraught with poor Rodger still in hospital, having given us quite a fright at times. The virus/ bug whatever it is has been a nasty blighter, and he has really been very unwell indeed. However as I write we are pretty sure things are looking up. He is much more himself, the fever is coming down and we hope the end is in sight.

 I managed the morning half of a New Year's Day walk from Rockcliffe to Sandyhills with some friends.

The  rain wasn't far away but then again neither was the sun.

 While I was enjoying the changing light, blowing away the old year and breathing in the new, Rodger was still stuck in his little hospital room, with the harsh strip lights and hot hospital air.

While I was listening to the breaking waves, he was listening to humming machines and bustling nurses.

But in the afternoon I was able to kidnap him for a short while and we drove down the Nith to Glencaple. The sun came out and he sat wrapped up like a snowman, breathing in the fresh air.

 We watched the sun setting disappearing behind Criffel.

Then it was back to hospital.  I hope not for too much longer.


  1. Commiserations to your Roger.
    My Pirate brought a virus from Scotland to NZ in really takes it out of you, and he is only now coming back to form. So tell R to take it easy getting better!

  2. I hope all is well with Roger soon and that you can stop worrying.

    What a beautiful place you live in.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Sorry to read that you and Rodger have had such a difficult time through Christmas. I do hope that Rodger mends soon and that you are also able to get back to full strength again.

    Glad that you were able to get out and about into the fresh air. Your part of the world is so beautiful, and the photos that you took around the coast are lovely.

    Do hope that the cellist picks herself off the floor soon (to enormous applause) and finds friends to play to, and with... Wouldn't a full orchestra make a splendid project!!!!

    Very Best Wishes to you both,
    Get Well soon,

  4. It is very heart warming to have the good wishes from my friends across the world, so thank you indeed. And yes Peter, a whole orchestra of dishes would be fantastic. Can you imagine dishes with french horns or triangles even. That would be a great project indeed!

  5. I hope you all are recuperating nicely, and that you are back to making your beautiful pottery very soon!