Saturday 7 September 2013

An idea taking off

I have had an idea of a piece I wanted to make simmering away ever since I made the Terracotta Tours bus last July. 

I extruded a half pipe and threw a few tyres and exhausts. 

By cutting and pinching one end of the pipe it was converted fairly successfully into the vehicle's bonnet.

The driver and his dog were assembled from thrown sections and popped into the cockpit.

The vehicle is rather rocket like at the back, with a half plate which fills in the hollow end and two thrown tubes as exhausts.

It looks more like a sports car at the front.

The driver has a flying helmet and goggles. Funnily enough while driving to Castle Douglas last week we found ourselves behind a car with a very large dog whose head was sticking out of the window sniffing the air and whose ears were fairly blowing in the wind.

I'll get back to the constructing my next batch of boats tomorrow now that I have got that one out of my system.

Meanwhile the Dalbeattie Hardrock Challenge mugs are not only underway but nearly finished. This year is the 10th, so there was even more slip trailed writing to squeeze in round the base.


  1. It's Dick Dastardly and Muttley in Whippet form!

  2. Or Wallace and Grommet! This is a real fancy tickler!

  3. Lovely!! looking forward to seeing the finished article "in the clay" as soon as we can!!

  4. You're enjoying yourself too much for it to be work! Again!

  5. I love it though I think he needs goggles and maybe the dog!
    I did see a german shepherd dog passing the studio with googles on sitting in a motorcycle side car last summer which made me smile alot like this does. Fabulous :-)