Friday 7 March 2014

More bisc pots and still none glazed - but nearly there.

Another  bisc kiln to join the other pots waiting to be glazed. I have much to finish off and yet I am still making new work. Still, once everything is sorted hopefully there will suddenly be loads of new pieces to show.

I am cautiously glazing the Waterboys one by one gradually building up confidence in the clay and glaze fit. There are some customers waiting patiently for some to be finished, so I will be so relieved to have one or two problem free results. I am leaving those until last, just because I so want them to be perfect! This small boat is in the kiln tonight, so fingers crossed.


I have still only mixed a small amount of the new (hopefully resolved) glaze so I used the spray gun to apply it rather than pour. The matt glaze does tend to show dribbles so would be difficult to apply such a small amount well by pouring. Last summer we upgraded the spray booth extension by replacing the thin polythene with clear table cloth fabric. It is much better, having a good weight to it, so it doesn't flap around like the thin sheets did.

 Meanwhile I have also been working on some more extruded dishes with edges and handles. The design is drawn with slip and then with a knife. Oh it's good to be going forward with new work. 

Thanks once again to Lark Books for including me in the new publication 500 Figures in Clay. I really didn't expect to have an image selected for this one, and am delighted to be amongst such good company. 


  1. congrats on Lark, the waterboys piece is amazing

  2. Sadly, Lark Books is closing their office in Asheville where they were founded 35 years ago...

    1. This is sad news indeed - Thanks for alerting me to their move.