Friday 8 August 2014

Meccano to the rescue

I've never had a height gauge before. I suppose that I have just never thought of myself as a production thrower, so somehow I have always got by just by having the same weight in each ball of clay. In this batch of rather straight sided mugs which have been asked to make, it seemed more important than usual to have an exact uniformity in height.

Another reason I have never had a height gauge, is probably because of the extraordinary cost of them (I just looked it up again and as usual, gasped).

To the rescue - the old, old box of original Meccano.

Now then I wonder, why has this revolutionary tool taken me thirty years or so to come round to making? It certainly made a difference - what a neat set of mugs. No 'his and hers' sizes in this batch then.


  1. Greatly enjoyed seeing your solution to the height gauge. I wonder if any one has made a Meccano jigger and jolly machine or pug mill?? (Pug mill probably not such a great idea, although the clay extruding through all those little holes could be very exciting!

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse of Potfest, what an amazing event it must be! I loved your Black Hole seat and the lively collection of work on your stand.

    Best Wishes, P

  2. How does this thing work?

  3. And how is it made? Links, tuts, books? Please?