Wednesday 12 November 2014

Winter Pots for Autumn days

I have had a busy, but rather bitty, making period for a few weeks now. It has been a case of juggling a lot of small outstanding orders, replenishing my slipware for the showroom, and making some new pieces for Christmas. 

 It was a windy Autumn day when I designed these vases.

The boat theme continues - this time with Barge Vases.

This Barge Vase has a Royal King penguin salute.

The load of boat, vase and sea bits were abandoned for a few weeks while other things took priority.

It feels good to get this batch of work finished at last. 

Do come along to the McGill Duncan Gallery's Winter exhibition where you will find  some of these new creations.

Unfortunately I had yet another kiln fiasco last week. Whether it was another element going (seems the kiln is getting as old as I am), or the second contactor in the control box, the result was a kiln which refused to reach temperature. Eventually the top zone cones went down, 4 hours later than expected. 

We had a long planned treat, which was trip to the Sage Concert hall to hear the 'Songlines World Music Award Winners' concert that evening, so it all got a bit late and scrambled. It took a while to unwind, but it was a great evening of music and luckily impossible to carry on fretting about kilns when aborbed in all that exuberant musical energy. It was and lovely to stay over and see Tim Foxell's wonderful spatula workshop, humming with creativity, and Sue Dunne's ceramic workshop. 

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