Sunday 6 September 2015


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go France last week. The colours and patterns were a feast to the eye. Orange and Green, Pinks and Ochres. What a delight.

While away I had left my Dalbeattie Hard Rock Challenge mugs drying out. Every year the organisers ask for a different colour (and shape). This time I decided to be bold and go for an untried combination of green and grey, ochre and a dash of blue. This before I had drunk from the Mediterranean palette.

I took these photos of Father's workshop last time we were over sorting out Father's house and belongings. He was such a prodigious maker I am amazed at just how many pieces of furniture, cushions and gadgets were made by him. None of us are acquisitive, but how can any of us part with any of it. Then there are the items of furniture, paintings etc which have been childhood friends and are as much a part of my make up as the Border hills. Why is it that human beings enjoy the comfort of familiar things. It is hard to imagine the total wrench which refugees go through. 

Last time I wrote this blog I was finishing pots for the Leeds Craft and Design Gallery show 'Figure That'. Here are a few images of some of the pots which I took down to it and which are on display there until 31st October.

I always like to have a workshop name for things, so these long narrow dishes are called RAH dishes. I have discovered that they are great in the windowsill for 'Ripen at Home' fruit, (such as you get in Scotland, I guess that they wouldn't be great sellers in the South of France)!


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  1. love the RAH dishes and the sunlight inspired colours.

    RAH fruit in shops is annoying when you want fruit to eat now!