Sunday 24 September 2017

A run of tricky Commissions

Over the summer I have been working my way through a host of rather tricky commissions, time consuming both in thought and execution. All now collected and thankfully appreciated. This tile panel is for the back of a range, each panel of six to be mounted on either side of a stove pipe.

As they had to be a specific size it seemed worthwhile to make a die, extrude them in one long length and cut them. This also meant that they were far less prone to warp. Dried slowly between boards, they were delightfully flat.

Next up a large plate for a 90th birthday. The recipient had planted and tended a deciduous wood and has a large extended family.


 After that a celtic design plate seemed pretty straightforward.

The requests for name plaques keep coming.

And as for those penguins...

 And that car....

The joy of tile off cuts, commissions are ok but it's a relief to play.


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