Sunday 31 August 2008


One of my boys once had a friend who said he liked coming round to our house to play because Oskar had 'buffers'. I always think of that when I bolt the baffles into the long letter box shaped expansion box. We have 'baffles'! They help to slow the flow of clay in the centre and spread it out to the edge. It takes a while to establish the flow and the last long dish shape we extruded was amazing. One edge was flowing at a faster rate than the other, which caused neat and exact un- planned undulations down one edge while the other was straight. It was beautiful. A pity I made this dish so long that when I tried to shut the door of the kiln it was crushed. Rodger says it should teach me not to be so greedy.

So who got me started on this blogging idea....I now have blogger's back- too long on the computer. Still it should get easier now I am getting the hang of it.


  1. Hi Christine....Fab to see you blogging! I can now keep up with all your new beautiful work....I'm up in Wick having a wonderful time but looking forward to getting backto D&G Amanda x

  2. Christine,

    Beautiful work! I found your blog via Hannah McAndrew's blog.

    Your large scale extrusions are very interesting. I'd have never thought to extrude benches in clay.

  3. Hey, where are you? Hope all's ok.

  4. hiya brilliant stuff, hope you keep it coming- I haven't seen extruded work like this since college- love it... found you via hannah.