Sunday 28 September 2008

I spent a couple of days in London last week, I went down to see my old friends Pete and Charlotte - Pete was having an exhibition of sculpture, following a trip to the remote island of Lolui in lake Victoria Uganda looking at 'rock gongs'. It was at the Pangolin gallery, a new venture in an amazing centre also opening that evening called Kings Place (which holds a newly built concert hall among other things). A wonderful exhibition and so good to see what he has been up to.
Anyway, while in London I spent a couple of mornings in the British Museum. This time I ended up looking at African pots, carved masques and stool -like headrests. I filled a good sketch book and have come back rather bristling with ideas. My new batch of clay arrived this week - 'Valentines' BLACK. Rather exciting stuff...

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  1. glad you're back! Thought you had disappeared from Blogger land...Amanda x