Thursday 19 March 2009

Dragonfly Bowls

This is the slip version of the original majolica dragonfly bowls. These are now drying out and I just hope the colours work out ok. I used a few layers of slip washes with some sponged blobs and finally trailed a line of black slip to define the drawing. I think I quite like the tail going over the rim.

Funny things dragonflies, this evening on a wildlife programme I have just seen a vicious larvae grab a fish with its mandibles. Later it turned into the gossamer winged innocent from my bowls but it vaguely of put me off eating out of them.

Sunday 15 March 2009

Crazy busy week

I decided that if I got my throwing done on Monday it would make it happen. That may sound silly but at the moment I have so many different things on the go I knew that if I left it, another week would go by without getting the yacht club plates started, and once you've started something it tends to get made! I also threw a set of bowls and two name plaques. Yes I really am getting round to all the 'put-off' stuff now.

The bowls are to replace an old set which I made 10 years or so ago. I have a mixed relationship with my old work - sometimes I shudder - and occasionally I get a nice surprise, but the cracked one brought in for me to see was actually quite nice with a huge bold dragonfly across it. However it was in my old majolica glaze. I went off working in majolica, I always found my designs looked too tight' and the worst 'insult' was when at a trade show I was once asked if they were transfers! Then the glaze started to seriously misbehave and I abandoned it with some relief. Luckily the owner is happy to have a slip replacement set with a similar design.

It has been a pretty non stop week really, the kiln was unpacked with glaze and re-packed with another bisc; I started to glaze paint some long wigglies, and applied a few more tests on some larger pieces in the black clay, (building up to the stools). Then the thrown pots were slipped and the finished pots were priced. I forgot to take any photos, but I'll try and take few next week.

It's been a beautiful Sunday and Rodger and I had a great cycle ride and a picnic on the beach.. Much needed rays of vitamin D.

I wonder how the Affordable Art Fair and the recession and my big pots are going this weekend.

Oh yes, and on Friday... I played with the 'Samba Sisters' at a night club in Dumfries! That was an experience.

Saturday 7 March 2009

Bits and Pieces week

Another busy week, though everything felt rather 'bitty', with too many different things ongoing and waiting to be resolved and finished. I got a handle on the jug commission eventually. I tried pulling it off the jug and it was horrible - then I tried an extruded handle and it was also horrible - eventually I (cheated?) and made it with an extrusion which I pulled a a little bit to narrow its tail. I think I need a Doug Fitch lesson here please? I poured the black base slip over a bucket, then the wavy sea and trailed the relevant boat yesterday.
In between bitty commissions, ( I have a rather strange one to resolve - a straight sided dish with cans of cider and bottles of wine round the edge - I'm struggling to make this into a flowing and elegant design), I finished the drawings on five undulating dishes.

The ripples on this one looked a bit distressed and uncomfortable , and I found that it suggested a canoeist in the rapids. I managed to get the layers of slip sprayed outside before it rained. They are now drying out, I hope not too fast as the workshop has a very hot kiln in it - ridiculous after shivering yesterday.
The bird candle holders (or dancing ladies) are slipped, along with penguin mugs and oil bottles. Now they're all frying out this weekend. I mean drying out.