Sunday 15 March 2009

Crazy busy week

I decided that if I got my throwing done on Monday it would make it happen. That may sound silly but at the moment I have so many different things on the go I knew that if I left it, another week would go by without getting the yacht club plates started, and once you've started something it tends to get made! I also threw a set of bowls and two name plaques. Yes I really am getting round to all the 'put-off' stuff now.

The bowls are to replace an old set which I made 10 years or so ago. I have a mixed relationship with my old work - sometimes I shudder - and occasionally I get a nice surprise, but the cracked one brought in for me to see was actually quite nice with a huge bold dragonfly across it. However it was in my old majolica glaze. I went off working in majolica, I always found my designs looked too tight' and the worst 'insult' was when at a trade show I was once asked if they were transfers! Then the glaze started to seriously misbehave and I abandoned it with some relief. Luckily the owner is happy to have a slip replacement set with a similar design.

It has been a pretty non stop week really, the kiln was unpacked with glaze and re-packed with another bisc; I started to glaze paint some long wigglies, and applied a few more tests on some larger pieces in the black clay, (building up to the stools). Then the thrown pots were slipped and the finished pots were priced. I forgot to take any photos, but I'll try and take few next week.

It's been a beautiful Sunday and Rodger and I had a great cycle ride and a picnic on the beach.. Much needed rays of vitamin D.

I wonder how the Affordable Art Fair and the recession and my big pots are going this weekend.

Oh yes, and on Friday... I played with the 'Samba Sisters' at a night club in Dumfries! That was an experience.

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