Saturday 7 March 2009

Bits and Pieces week

Another busy week, though everything felt rather 'bitty', with too many different things ongoing and waiting to be resolved and finished. I got a handle on the jug commission eventually. I tried pulling it off the jug and it was horrible - then I tried an extruded handle and it was also horrible - eventually I (cheated?) and made it with an extrusion which I pulled a a little bit to narrow its tail. I think I need a Doug Fitch lesson here please? I poured the black base slip over a bucket, then the wavy sea and trailed the relevant boat yesterday.
In between bitty commissions, ( I have a rather strange one to resolve - a straight sided dish with cans of cider and bottles of wine round the edge - I'm struggling to make this into a flowing and elegant design), I finished the drawings on five undulating dishes.

The ripples on this one looked a bit distressed and uncomfortable , and I found that it suggested a canoeist in the rapids. I managed to get the layers of slip sprayed outside before it rained. They are now drying out, I hope not too fast as the workshop has a very hot kiln in it - ridiculous after shivering yesterday.
The bird candle holders (or dancing ladies) are slipped, along with penguin mugs and oil bottles. Now they're all frying out this weekend. I mean drying out.


  1. A lovely jug and a very fine handle. See you in a couple of weeks I hope

  2. Wey-hey, that would be good!

  3. hehe the dancing ladies are looking great... nice handleage too, i cheat too!