Wednesday 3 June 2009

Squid dish and canoists

These are some of the larger dishes which came out of the kiln just before the Open Studio event. Rodger tried some shots with rather more 'studio' lighting' to show the ripples, I think these were the best shots. This long squid is about 80cms which is the max front to back of the kiln. I really must stick to that. The long narrow dish which I fired on a slant last week has warped horribly this time.

It was back to a delightfully cooler workshop today and I was looking forward to a clear run of work on my next seat. It just wasn't to be. I just got the creature's body attached to the side of the legs, ( second attempt as the first one rolled off the table), when the year's supply of clay arrived and had to be unloaded along with other materials to sorted and put away. Plus a hospital run in the afternoon. Oh well, tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Very inspiring forms and decorations - love the ripples and kayaker! I've been meaning to make some long plates so just might get around to make some tomorrow!