Wednesday 19 August 2009

Bits and Bobs

It's been a pretty busy few weeks since Potfest. There has been a lot of other stuff to sort out, such as various illness within the family, which has taken a lot of time and energy. I did manage to rush the Army Windsurfing prizes order through and got it boxed up and off at the end of last week. It was a case of fast drying, both outside in the sun and then in the kilns as they cooled from the last unpack.
I've since been catching up on those little individual orders, one or two which are long overdue. Such things as house name plaques, a 'thistle clock' (!), a birth plate. The sort of orders that take an inordinate amount of time, each needing individual thought, special colours, motifs, scripts etc and I rarely actually charge enough for them.

I still have a seat half constructed under wraps, which I had to abandon as ceramic shows, orders and summer visitors took over. I'll get back to it soon I HOPE. I sold my snake seat to a someone who saw it at the Park and it left on Monday. I was rather sad to say goodbye to it. It had been well stroked and sat upon and I forgot that it was actually for sale.

I had a nice visit from John Stroomer the other Sunday, who called in with a student friend to have a look at the 'extruders'. Like Jim he seemed a little surprised at my tiny pugmill. I think he expected a Monster machine. Perhaps my half horse power model is a little slow but it still does the job. This afternoon I cut a new die, so perhaps tomorrow I will try it out, though I should really finish the thistle clock first.....


  1. oh yey on the snake seat sale, and busy busy putting together that order, I'm in country at the mo just a bit far south though pity...

  2. Sorry to read that you have had illness and so on in the family. Good for you doing all those windsurfing awards. I got so close to a deadline once, that I was a little worried that the huge planter that I wrapped up in a box for someone would set fire to their car... a very slight exaggeration, but they could not have handled it half an hour before it drove away with them!

    Congrats on selling the snake seat. You do terrific work.

    I have been trying to revisit a wonderful exhibition of African art that is on at the moment in the Otago Museum,Dunedin, NZ. It is a private collection that is on display for the first time, and there are some really inspiring things in it. We went to an opening function, and I was really captivated by various masks, small figures, and so on, but a real treat were a couple of wooden stools. I thought straight away of your lovely work, and will try and take a photo for you when I get back to the exhibition.

    Best Wishes from the opposite end of the globe (does the globe have ends being round and all that...?)

  3. Yes do take some photos of those seats if you get back to the African Art Exhibition. It sounds wonderful.
    I am amused with your hot pot story. We wrap ours in 'chip paper' and if they are that hot, they actually begins to smell like fish and chips too! Did I ever mention that when the seats first came out of the kiln they are at their best for sitting on, if you like bottom warmers.