Thursday 27 August 2009

More long dishes underway

This week I've been working on some more long dishes. I have an 'important' commission for one which I really want to make a good job of. I was too greedy in my first attempt and REALLY DID make it too long, so that even on a slanted kiln shelf it spilled over the end and warped rather horribly. With the second take I changed the design a little but then I wasn't altogether happy with the finished colours. I know that I am being very self critical and I can still sell it, but I want it to be perfect! Surely one of these might be the perfect wiggly.

Now when people view the finished pot I know it is easy to think, 'Nice pot', end of thought. It has just arrived in front of their eyes as if it always has been. Nothing about it, if it is a good one, betrays the struggles which may have happened during its creation. Allie commented, when she saw the finished seat which she had helped me extrude and lift and turn with all the accompanying sweat and tears, how it was hard to even remember the effort involved in all the processes which brought it to life.

So today, when I spent the whole morning struggling to get a design to sit comfortably on a long wiggly dish, I took a shot of all the rubbings out on the way!
I'll finish the slip colours off on this one tommorrow. I am wanting the bottom half of the dog and the swimmer to look as though they are under the water. I have in mind an early manuscript painting of Noah's flood where the drowned people under the waves are just an outline. I'll try for this with some inlaid lines of slip.
.....and meanwhile I am getting through those awkward commssions. The famous 'thistle clock' now drying out.
....and a simple wedding plate. I got a fright with this one. I was on the phone to say it was ready, convinced that it was needed for Wednesday 26th. I had read the date upside down. When I was told that the wedding wasn't until the 29th I felt sick. However that is exactly what I HAD inscibed. Phew!

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  1. Goodness, the "famous" thistle clock looks marvelous! Really interesting to see the development of the wiggly dish and the rubbings out. I guess a lot of people, looking at the finished article, will think that it all "just happened" and won't realize the struggle. It is good to document it sometimes.

    You probably will have seen the photos of Picasso painting Guernica (there is a lovely series of it as it was produced), or Henri Matisse working on some of his paintings. Amazing seeing the work near resolution, then abruptly change in some way as the artist thought of something else!

    Must dash now, but look forward to seeing the finished wiggly dish.