Sunday 9 January 2011

Getting into gear

At last, I began to get my act together this week. I managed to have at least four full days in the workshop, enough at least to get me properly tuned and into gear. Ideas are beginning to flow. The designs for the spotty fish dish above and the 'flappy squares' took shape and whereas the week before I had felt hesitant and unsure, this week they felt bolder and more confident. It just shows, you can't force things.

These have been incised and sprayed with layers of slips and are now drying slowly.

Lovely Christmas present, this one, brings a smile every time I use it!

The icy grip of Winter is still with us. Can you believe the fellow above, a photo that would surely bring a smile to his (anonymous) donor! (There is a sledge under there, he's not just fallen over).

The nights have been extraordinarily clear. The other night the new moon was almost as breathtaking as the eclipse.

Slightly disappointed not to get a stand at Earth and Fire again this year, but I do realise that it is a hard one to get into. However the next day I heard that I'd got into Potfest in the Park which has so far been a really good show for me.

I had a note from the website '' that their online vase competition had been launched. (On request I had sent an image to them last year). My seesaw black twin vase is no. 1 on the first page which is nice for me. It's quite an impressive group of pots, worth looking at. How the judges will be able to make a decision is beyond me.


  1. oooh looking good....i must tell you about the pugmill i picked up last week ..its homemade and has all sorts of attachments, i'm not quite sure what some of them are for but there's this enormous attachment for making big round things! i'll do a vid when we get it cleaned out...woohoo happy joy at getting into and fire will have to take notice next year!!

  2. Pugmill with big round thing attachment sounds promising.....Have fun and look forward to seeing the video.