Wednesday 19 January 2011

Thank you Mr Fixit

I have been badgering my Mr Fixit for ages. I want to move the pugmill out from the wall a little, ( or rather I wanted Mr Fixit to), so that I can bend the clay side ways as it is extruded. At the moment I can only bend it one way - outwards. Despite being tight to the wall, I did manage this small ripple effect last week. It was enough to explain to Rodger WHY I was badgering him.

He kindly moved it to priority job and many nuts and bolts and angle iron fiddling later, I now have a pugmill set at a slight angle so that I am all set to do a wavy dish.

I have been making some long flat trays, they need to be weighted down as they dry to prevent warping. These are being biscuit fired tonight, so I hope they behave themselves.

I had a whole lot of half finished dishes and plates waiting to be decorated with slip. Here are a few of January's new designs. Whaups (or curlews), to add to the oystercatchers for those bird loving visitors.

Two purring pussies,

and a peeking peacock.

I very quickly can have too many colours of slip out at once. My decorating space becomes an unholy muddle pretty quickly if I'm not careful. When I no longer have a surface I have to stop, stretch and have a tidy up.

But she'll keep me right.


  1. well that was well worth moving :))

  2. Lovely trays. Thanks for posting the shots of your studio, I love seeing what other potters spaces look like, even those the whole way across the pond!

  3. Christine, you are something else!!
    Amazing imagination.

  4. I like the way the cat is keeping a paw over her tail just in case! What wonderful company to have while you work. That's my kind of Supervisor!

    Love the cats on the dish and the Peeking Peacock.