Thursday 8 December 2011

December pots

Winter Arrived over the weekend. Not exactly the snow packed drive to Corsock of the year before, but snow fell all the same, in a slushy sort of way. Despite that there was a record attendance at the craft fair, at times hardly room to move.

It was an enjoyable but exhausting day, so many people I know to say hello to as well as selling pots. My boxes were considerably lighter when it came to packing up.

These small oval dishes are quite dinky. I have made them before with the matching spoons, but over the summer I was asked by a customer to make a lid to fit one that she had bought earlier. It was fiddle to make a lid for an existing pot, with all the shrinkage - and an oval one at that. But it made me think that I should try a few with lids.

In fact the last kiln was nearly all small scale slipware - I really needed to stock up the shelves. It has been good to see the showroom full and welcome looking again, for any brave souls who may venture out in these stormy days.

Today has been a day to 'batten down the hatches', with storm force 10 or 11 raging outside. I am amazed that we haven't lost our power...yet.

Our swanky new heating system has broken down, it froze up because it's internal thermometer is mis-reading. So much for my bragging, it's been long- johns and thermals this week, until an engineer can get hold of the new part.

One or two awkward commissions completed. The land rover took an inordinate amount of time to do. Weird subject matter for a mug perhaps, but I am strangely proud of how well those land rover colours turned out.


  1. wow you've been crazy busy...icky slushy stuff falling from the sky you say.. it's supposed to be summer and yet its about 18C and raining here...oh dear! still, great studio weather :))

  2. those are lushes little babies as I knew they would be, since i have lurked at your pots for quiet awhile... lovely

  3. That Rover is terrific. Reminds me of one I drove back in 1967! Love your designs. What clay body do use and what temp do you fire to?

  4. Hey Christine, Love those little dishes. The colors and the animals are super great!!! Talked to Hannah today on Skype and apparently it's another blustery day there. Stay warm.