Thursday 22 December 2011

A toast to you all

To all those who follow this blog - A toast to you this Winter Solstice, and wishing you a Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2012. Thank you too to those of you who have left kind and interesting comments over the year. I know that I am very bad at replying but I do appreciate them all.

Oh ..and our heating is working again back on! Yippee. (It's also suddenly got milder , but hey ho from now on we will be toasty warm again, all ready to get cracking after the Christmas break).


  1. Sing Ho! For the Life of a Potter! Glad you have heat again....we are having a warm spell here in southern New England, USA....40's and 50's.....

    And a Happy Solstice to you.

  2. and a toast to you too...Good Health and Good Potting!!
    Blessings Be!!