Sunday 11 May 2014

Pots in May

There are two weeks to go now until Dumfries and Galloway's Open Studios event 'Spring Fling'. This year Wendy Kershaw is once again coming down to share my studio space. It was really great having her last year. Having two people to welcome and chat to visitors made it a lot more fun.


I have already put aside some of my new work for this, though there is more to finish and there is always more that I would have liked to have made. Being on show at home means it is time again for the annual Spring Fling Spring CLEAN. This afternoon I took the showroom apart and got the windows washed inside and out. Plenty more to do but at least I've made a start.

I took the best of my new wave vases down to the Red Barn Gallery, but I wanted to build on the theme while it was still working for me and make some more for Spring Fling. Series two is underway and now trying to dry out in this damp slack low pressure which is May. 

Here are a couple of tree plaques which came out of the last kiln. I love the way the first extrusions splay before the clay settles into a flow. I only get a couple like this from each set, so they become quite special.

I like the movement in these surf dudes, but they need a little more colour, so I think I'll risk putting them back in the kiln again, maybe.

 These are the new double headed Tall bird vases.

And this is 'Toys for Dogs Too', the partner of 'Toys for Boys' which was exhibited at Gracefield Arts Centre at the Spring Fling exhibition. I'm looking forward to displaying them as a pair. I still have the road from 'Terracotta Tours' to put them on, so they will have quite a race.

If I don't manage another post before then, maybe see you at Spring Fling. Rumour has it there may even be an African drumming group coming along on one of the days to entertain (and hopefully not make any pots go bouncing off shelves). 

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