Wednesday 20 May 2015

Spring Fling this weekend and the windows are squeaky clean

It is Spring Fling this weekend and the windows have never been so clean, well at least not since this time last year.

Everything has been washed down and dusted and Rodger helped to mount two of the 3D pictures on the wall. It was rewarding to see them up. 

 The keyhole slot in the back worked well as a secure way of hanging them, it was just a little fiddly getting the two screws in the right position.

Now I just have the studio to clear up, but one corner is looking better already.

It's just a case of making things look more like organised chaos rather than plain chaotic chaos.

How did I acquire quite so many brushes over the years? I did inherit a whole lot more from the late Ralph Neat who no doubt had built up a similar life time's collection.

This morning I'll tackle this next half. Tomorrow there is another kiln to unpack, the garden to sort out, flapjack to make, and then all ready to go. 


  1. Ah, looks wonderful!! You've inspired me to re-organize my space!

  2. Look forward to seeing you all - and your new work.

  3. I love your comments on your studio. I too am in the same boat with my studio. I like "organized chaos" and I will be using the term. LOL

    PS I enjoy your work.