Monday 1 June 2015

Images from a busy Spring Fling


The garden all tidied up


Ready to go, all clean and planted up.

Wendy's display, looking good!

The boards screening off a multitude of shed stuff whilst displaying pots.

And then the visitors who kept coming

and coming

and talking

and asking

and being wonderfully interested in everything.

There were lots of old and new faces to say hello to, and old and new pots to say goodbye to. 

Thanks to you all for coming along and to the Spring Fling organisers - it just gets busier!


  1. glad you had a good Spring Fling..the furthest East we went this time was Lauriston! It covers such a wide area now you can't do even the few you want,let alone all!!

  2. Busy times! Happy to hear and see a great success. You must be exhausted! Give your self a little time off.....or at least a few hours to relax!