Thursday 9 April 2009

Huge fish dish

This huge dish came out of a second kiln opened today. I thought it was a bit of a monster when I constructed it so I just went for scale in the fish design. Not the best of photographs -I just a 'snapped' it as I hung it on the wall in our showroom last thing tonight. There were a couple of others which I'll try and 'snap' tomorrow, but really a serious photo session is in order. (Inigo, we will need your bedroom back as photo studio I'm afraid).


  1. The fish dish is spectacular, really impressive. How big is it? P.

  2. I just went to measure it - it is 73cms across and 33 wide. I've had a tough new display board mounted on the wall to hang it from as the last hanging pieces there pulled out the rawl plugs. The crash was truly horrible!

  3. Been following your blog for a while - I love your designs - very original and well done!