Saturday 4 April 2009

Sparrowhawk attack!

I've been out of blog land for a while. While I was away Rodger had sparrowhawk shenanigans in the garden. We lost 2 of our white fantails, and rescued another 2 from her talons, then were alerted by a neighbour to the plight of one cowering in the swamp over the road. She came back for more and the only thing to do was to lock them up for a few days, but by this time she was really tuned in to a meal in our garden and decided to attack the stone dove instead!

Back to clay after a fantastic three day latin drumming workshop. So sorry that my being away ( and I am hardly ever away ) coincided with Doug Fitch being in the area. Sorry to miss you Doug, sods law!
It was hard to remember where I was after such an absorbing break. Four days of glazing and I now have a kiln to unpack tomorrow with some larger pieces in the black clay which may (hopefully) give me confidence to finish the stools.

We also got some more extruded dishes underway, so lots to do tomorrow.
Lots of mail to catch up on and I was delighted to hear that Mainhill Gallery sold three of my big pieces at the Affordable Art Fair in London. Good oh!

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  1. oh brilliant, so great to hear of sales after good hard work..i'm fascinated by your extruder tools....