Tuesday 7 April 2009

Snakes and ladders of glazing black clay

Kiln out and I had one or two good results with glaze over the black clay. This was actually an off cut from the piece below but it made rather a sweet little wall rack and I rather liked it.
The swimmer's body colour is a lot more runny on a verticle surface. I am glad that I am doing so many trials before the big ones, although I have invested a fair amount of time in this piece.The fish contrasts are a bit disappointing, I prefer the swimmer side. I've still a lot to learn about this clay, but I do love it's blackness.
...Oh, and here is the awkward commission - cider and wine images on a vertical sided dish. Hope they like it!


  1. Yes, the black clay sets up the decoration nicely. Thanks for sharing your latest!!

  2. cool pieces, particularly the top one... nice.

  3. The slip decoration over the black clay is a really interesting idea. It looks great too!